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Palin Endorsement?Thoughts On "Trump's Major Guest & Announcement Tuesday" In Iowa

Tons of predictions Trump's special guest in Iowa = Palin. "Seems like a yawner. Something going right at Cruz'd be more fun," Iowa R emails
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If so, worth remembering that Trump's political director @michaelglassner is a former Palin aide"
Plot thickens...
Political Wire:"Early speculation is that Sarah Palin will endorse Trump at the rally.


 "There is a rumor circulating that Mark Halperin will report that Palin will endorse Trump
Does anybody know where plans to be on Tuesday?
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Palin Can View The GOP Primary With Quiet Satisfaction

Speculation at Taegan Goddard's "Political Wire"
"If it isn't Palin, I'd suggest there are only two possibilities that would truly be big news:
- if it is someone from Iowa, Joni Ernst seems more likely to me than does Branstad.
- If it is someone from out of state, my guess would be it could be Mike Huckabee dropping out to endorse Trump (or Santorum,"
"A credible source in the WAState GOP told me this morning that the endorsement will not be from Palin, but from Terry Branstad or Mitt Romney, possibly both.


Some from the media have advised and subsequent speculation, of a major campaign announcement from Donald Trump next Tuesday in Iowa;

Des Moines Register; 

Trump, 'special guest' return to Iowa Tuesday


"TUE, JAN 19, 2016 AT 5:00 PM; Donald J. Trump in Ames, IA - Major Announcement with Special Guest; ISU - Hansen Agricultural Student Learning Center , Ames, Iowa"
Doors open at 3:00 pm. 

Mr. Trump will have major announcement and a very special guest in attendance.  You will not want to miss this rally!

Jennifer Jacobs tweeted.
Jennifer Jacobs
Could be that John Wayne's daughter is endorsing him, but she has already done so via Internet. Stumped.
Trump says he'll hold a "special announcement rally" on Tuesday, Jan.,19th atJohn Wayne Birthplace Museum in Winterset, Iowa. 

From; Conservatives4Palin

"Thoughts on Trump's announcement on Tuesday
If she wants to endorse, pre Iowa is the time to do it. If you wait until after Iowa and trump wins without her, he wins big in New Hampshire and South Carolina and doesn't/won't need her.
If trump loses in Iowa someone else could get momentum and it may be too late for her to make a difference.
To have the most impact you do it while Iowa is still in play and up in the air. You also want to do it to leave enough time for it to resonate. If she endorses him a day or two ahead of time that's too close.
I long thought Thursday the 21 would be the perfect day, you get the whole weekend and the days leading up to the final debate to cement a lead and close it out. But the 19 is close enough.

We'll see what happens.
I like this idea. Sarah Palin does not play by rules in general. This kind of move would be like, what the heck? Why not! She is often early in endorsements compared to many others. (Ernst, Haley, Rubio and many others she put her marker down first or close to it)

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