Thursday, December 17, 2015

Poll; Sarah Palin Approval Rating Nears 55% Five Above Her highest In 2009

Sarah Palin continues her seemingly inexorable steady polling rise as this analysis from 
Election (link at end of this page) shows. Over the 360 day polling period Palin has been steady, no matter what the hate media throws at her, at about 55% . 

This proves that Palin, through her continued steadfast holding to her principles of conservative government, a strong foreign policy and her unquestioned pro-life stance is, slowly but surely, winning her a solid base of approval as the media caricature is shredded.

Governor Palin's latest EM poll rating finds her at heights well above her commencing polling of about 50% in 2009 with today's poll at near 55% Approval. 

Governor Palin, not holding any office, with relatively  little media coverage, and barely any speculation that she may run in 2016 is polling remarkably in this new poll LINK .

Yes, this is an online poll (which type of polling is increasingly being accepted as valid) but for those who decry it as supporter generated, they would also have to agree that Palin's low of 20% was also not valid. That low point was created by the vicious media campaign that unjustly tied palin to the Gifford's tragedy.

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