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"Governor Palin Rates The Republican Candidates • The Hugh Hewitt Show"

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Governor Palin Rates The Republican Candidates • The Hugh Hewitt Show

November 21st, 2015 • iizthatiiz
Governor Sarah Palin joins radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt to discuss the 2016 presidential field and her new book, ‘Sweet Freedom: A Devotional’, and much more!

Hewitt went through the Republican presidential field, asking Governor Palin what the strengths were of each candidate.
Ted Cruz: "His wisdom. His experience as an attorney to be able to debate and articulate what the right positions, planks in the Republican platform are."
Carly Fiorina: "Private sector experience. She’s not a politician, ‘thank you Lord’."
Donald Trump: "He’s above and beyond the candidness that we need and crave. He’s calling it like he sees it, and it’s most refreshing. I love it."
Rick Santorum: "He has the moral ground covered. He’s letting people know what the time-tested truths that are outlined in our Judeo-Christian foundation of America. He keeps reminding us how important those are.
Marco Rubio: "He’s got a pretty cool life story that’s quite helpful. He’s got some hurdles to overcome when it comes to past positions that he’s taken, after the Tea Party worked our butts off to get him elected, ‘doggone it’. He’s got a few things in front of him that he needs to surpass in order to regain some of that Tea Party, grassroots movement support."
Ben Carson: "Intelligence. Calm, cool, collected demeanor. He’s got the antithesis of my demeanor, I think. And I respect that out of him."
Rand Paul: "Oh, I love the libertarian streak. I really do. Obviously, differences on some foreign policy issues. I was watching him today, Hugh. I’m thinking, Republicans, you are idiots to be marginalizing his supporters, and his dads supporters too. What his supporters are saying is, ‘Come on government. Get off our back and allow us to prioritize our finances. Our cultural aspects of our life that influence us. Let us prioritize according to our own will. Government, don’t do it for us.'"
Jeb Bush: "Well, I really like his brother a lot." [ Hewitt laughs and blurted, "That’s all?! ] "No, he did great for eight years in Florida, He really did. This is an important thing, an aspect about Jeb that people may not recognize. When you’re serving on a local or a state level as I have, and I did for like twenty years .. You have to work in a nonpartisan sense in order to just get things done. A sense of partisanship doesn’t let you balance a budget or get the road paved, get the road plowed. Stop the Dog Catcher from abusing his authority in your local town. When you serve on a local level, as Jeb has on a state level, you learn to get along with people, But, you shouldn’t be compromising."
Chris Christie: "Love his candidness."
Mike Huckabee: Yeah, I wish I played guitar like Mike Huckabee does." [ Hewitt, "How about politically?" ] "Well, he’s hardcore conservative. And I’m always going to err on the side of a hardcore conservative. As opposed to some namby-pamby, vanilla, milquetoast RINO. No, I respect that Huckabee, you know what side he’s on.
John Kasich: Oh, he’s such a good guy. Because he too has had that experience on the state level. And then national level. And then back down to the state level, if you will .. And knows how to get things done. So, I really, I truly respect that out of someone who’s willing to be in the trenches with their boots on the ground in say, a governor’s office where you don’t get away with abusing your position. Just taking it for

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